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Fabrum releases it’s impressive range of industrialised cryocoolers.

At the upcoming International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Tucson, Arizona June 2015 Fabrum will release it’s impressive range of industrialised cryocoolers. Fabrum Solutions and Callaghan Innovation have been developing large pulse tube cryocoolers based on Callaghan Innovation’s diaphragm pressure wave generators (DPWG). The pulse tube’s lack of moving parts in combination with the DPWG’s metal diaphragms produces a cost-effective, long life and robust cryocooler. The DPWG has had 10 years of development, resulting in a series of DPWGs ranging in input powers from 0.5 kW to 30 kW that have been coupled to a variety of in-line and coaxial pulse tubes. Two DPWGs have each had in excess of 7000 hours running to date. A 330 cc DPWG was designed and manufactured to run with an inline pulse tube with a target of 330 W at 77 K.  Absolut System carried out the pulse tube design, manufacture by Fabrum Solutions with integration and testing by Callaghan Innovation.  Over 400 W of cooling power at 77 K was achieved from the cryocooler.  A sealed condensation chamber was added to the cold-head and connected to a Dewar via vacuum insulated lines for Nitrogen liquefaction. Three such pulse tubes were combined on a single 1000 cc DPWG to produce over 1000 W at 77 K. This paper details the development of the PT330 and PT1000 cryocoolers from initial lab prototypes through to commercial products, integrated into liquefiers and ready for use in applications such as: Liquid nitrogen production, re-liquefaction of storage tank boil-off, or cooling of High Temperature Superconductor applications.


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